Frequently Asked Question

Kysymyksiä ja vastauksia, lelut

Where can I purchase your toys?

Take a look at the list of stores that sell our products. 
(Link to Store Locator)

Where can I get hold of spare parts?

Toys have very strict safety standards to live up to. As a result, we do not offer any spare parts that could potentially jeopardize the safety of our products. However, should a part be missing we have the possibility to offer more complete components, such as tires for our trains or wheels for our wagons. Start by contacting the store where the item was purchased. Please note that we’re not able to provide spare parts for toys older than 5 years. 

Where do I find your manuals and instructions?

You’ll find them on the relevant product web page. 

I want to return a product, what do I do?

Please contact the store where the item was purchased, and they’ll be happy to help you.  

Is it true that your toys come with a lifetime-guarantee? 

Our products do not come with a lifetime-guarantee, however our products are made to last for many future generations. Our products are covered by Konsumentsköpslagen.

Do you offer free returns and exchanges?

We follow the return policies of each specific market where our products are sold. Please contact the store where the item was purchased, and they’ll be able to help you. 

Where can I find more information about your products? 

You’ll find more information about our products on this website, or by contacting a local store that sells BRIO products.
(Link to local store)

Have the materials you use in your products changed over the years?

Our materials haven’t changed much since we started making toys.
As a product category, toys have the toughest safety standards and regulations to live up to, making both our old and new products safe for your child to play with. The first EU-regulations came in 1988. 

What kind of paint is used on your toys? 

We use waterborne paint and solventborne polyurethane-colours. All colours are tested against applicable standards, EN71-3 + phthalates and azo dyes. They also meet Reach requirements regarding SVHC-substances. 

How do I know that the paint used on your products is safe for my child?

The paint we use has been tested in production prior to use, and is also tested on the actual product according to current standards.  For toys, this primarily means EN71-3, Reach requirements and azo dyes. 
We also perform “saliva testing”, meaning we test the product in a way that simulates how a child would use the product in his/her mouth. The paint we use is safe for babies to suck and bite on.  

Is there led in your paint?

No, none of the paint we use contains led. 

Do your toys contain PVC?

No, neither our toys nor our packaging contain PVC.

Do your toys contain phthalates?

Our toys always comply with all applicable safety standards and do not contain any phthalates listed as harmful. All products undergo a significant amount of testing before being entering the market.  

Are your wooden toys impregnated?

We do not use any impregnating agents on our toys.

What type of wood are your toys made of?

Our wooden toys are mostly made of beech, which is an ideal material since it’s highly durable and difficult to break. Beech is also very common in Europe, it’s not endangered and replanting it has been mandatory since the early 1900s, which is important to us. 

Where are your products produced?

Our products are produced in China and the Czech Republic. In the beginning of 2000, we started moving our production to China. We took our time to ensure the production methods could live up to the same standards as in Sweden. Some of the machines we use today originate from Sweden, and our Chinese employees work under the same safe conditions as they would in Sweden. We don’t own any factories ourselves, but cooperate with a few carefully selected suppliers.